7 Ways You Can Take Action on World Environment Day

Steps you can take at home and in your community to improve the environment — and how VCE can help you do more.

In 1972, the United Nations declared June 5 “World Environment Day.” Since then, people all over the planet have gathered together on World Environment Day to clean up their communities. 

As part of a statewide movement to change the way California generates and delivers energy, Valley Clean Energy is grateful to the organizers of that first World Environment Day for inspiring efforts like ours. 

As a not-for-profit local agency, we also share the proceeds of our work with the community. The 2024 Rate Discounts we’ve just announced will result in $1.6 million in savings this year for our customers. Our mission isn’t just to source electricity from clean, renewable sources while saving customers money. We also want to help everyone in Yolo County reduce their carbon footprint.

On our website, you can learn about our e-bike incentives and the Electrify Yolo Project, which is building a stronger network of EV charging stations in our community. 

Here are 7 steps you can take to make a difference in your home and in Yolo County:

Make a Difference at Home

  1. Ditch the car when you can. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, transportation is responsible for 29% of America’s greenhouse gas emissions. You don’t always need a gas-powered car to get around! You can take Yolobus around the county or as far as Sacramento. Bicycling is a fun way to get around the community, and electric bikes can help you go even farther. And an electric vehicle is the biggest step of all in cutting down your use of fossil fuels. 
  1. Buy second-hand. It takes a lot of energy to make and transport new clothes and household goods. When you shop at places like Big Blue Barn Thrift Store or use the Davis & Yolo County Thrift Store Guide, you’re not just saving money — you’re saving energy and reducing your environmental impact, too.
  1. Improve your home’s energy efficiency. Even in Northern California’s mild winters, it takes a lot of energy to heat and cool our homes. Replace both your furnace and air conditioner with an electric heat pump, and you’ll likely see your monthly energy bill drop. Dual pane windows can also make your home more comfortable all year round. 
  1. Opt up to UltraGreen. VCE’s goal is to source 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Until then, you can sign up for our UltraGreen option to power your home with 100% renewable energy for a few dollars extra a month. Small cost to you, big benefit for the planet. 

Take Action in Your Community

  1. Check out the Yolo Basin Foundation. The UN’s theme for the 2024 World Environment Day is “Generation Restoration.” Join the global effort to restore our forests and waterways right at home by giving tours, teaching classes, or helping with wetlands restoration projects at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. In the process, you’ll learn more about our region’s natural habitats and all the wildlife they support. 
  1. Explore the Yolo County chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby. The news about climate change can feel overwhelming. How much of an impact can just one person make? This nonpartisan group gathers to discuss solutions — and find ways for individuals to take action together.
  1. Connect with the UC Davis Sustainability Office. Are you a UC Davis student? If so, the university can help you find study, volunteer, or internship opportunities around the region. You may find new passions, or even a lifelong career, as you work to protect the planet.

On this 52nd World Environment Day, it’s clear that there’s still so much work to be done — and so much each of us can do to reduce our carbon footprint and improve air and water quality. At Valley Clean Energy, we’re committed to making progress on World Environment Day and every day!