A Flexible Irrigation Pilot Program for Agriculture

The Innovative AgFIT Pilot Program Could Save you Money
Pilot Launch: May 1, 2022

VCE is excited to announce a new pilot program for our agricultural customers called AgFIT, or Flexible Irrigation Technology, which is designed help manage energy costs simply, while providing customers with maximum flexibility. VCE is working in partnership with Polaris Energy Services to bring this pilot program to life.

The AgFIT Pilot Program provides growers with incentives for irrigation automation and uses scheduling software, to better manage energy costs. Energy prices are visible a week in advance and it’s easy to take advantage of low prices when conditions on the power grid are right.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Automation Incentives of up to $150 per HP are available for automation technology upgrades that improve irrigation operations and reduce costs.
  • Savings – Irrigating when power is least expensive. Never pay more in the program than on your original tariff.
  • Simplicity – The program uses an intuitive app that helps you easily plan your schedule, to take advantage of clearly stated prices that are published in advance. There are no penalties, no demand charges, and no clawbacks.
  • Flexibility – Work with Polaris to receive their irrigation technology, or with anyone else you choose. You can use a system that’s automated, remote/manual, or fully manual. You decide what works best for you.

For an estimate of your incentives, contact Polaris Energy Services by phone or email: (530) 309-1001 or AgFIT@polarisenergyservices.com