Valley Clean Energy continues to grow, serving the needs of its customers in the communities within Yolo County. Solicitations will be listed here, as needed.

2020 Local RFO

VCE is seeking cost-effective renewable projects, that provide local benefits, located in environmentally suitable locations, minimize the impacts on species, habitats, landscapes, and agricultural lands, to be developed in Yolo County or the adjacent six counties. Proposals need to be RPS-eligible generation or generation+storage projects in the 2-25 MWac range with a commercial operation date (COD) no later than December 31, 2023, with contract terms of ten to twenty years.

The primary qualitative criteria will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Financing plan and financial stability of project owner/developer
  2. Local/Regional resources location
  3. Prior land use
  4. Located in pre-screened energy development areas (avoid RETI Category 1 or Category 2 designated areas)
  5. Level of completeness of permits
  6. Grid Interconnection status
  7. Site control
  8. Multi-benefit renewable energy (e.g. pollinator-friendly site, re-purposed ag use, research attributes, etc.)

VCE recognizes that some projects may not meet all criteria, but preference will be given to those that satisfy the majority of the criteria.

Instructions for submittal:

1) If you want to respond to our local renewable RFO, please click VCE Local RFO.

2) Register with the site then search for solicitation # 200066.DL.

3) Download the solicitation files and follow the provided instructions. Please individually click on each of the 7 documents to download (do NOT click “select”). 

4) If you have any question, please email Procurement2020@ValleyCleanEnergy.org

We would like to remind you that a Notice of Intent to Bid is due by 5 PM PT on May 20, 2020 if you plan to submit a proposal.