About Us

Valley Clean Energy was formed through a community-wide effort to do the right thing for the right reasons.

Across the state of California, there are dozens of community-based electricity programs. And more are coming online every month. Why? Because they work.

  • VCE buys cleaner electricity, and PG&E delivers it, maintains the lines and provides billing and maintenance services, just as they always have.
  • Customers get cleaner, greener electricity. The environment sees less fossil fuel damage, so air is cleaner. At the same time, program profits—instead of going into utility company shareholder pockets—are used to develop energy-related programs that benefit our communities. You also get an opportunity to power your lives and businesses with 100% renewable energy at a very low premium, just a few extra dollars per month.
  • As a Valley Clean Energy customer, your voice matters, because this is your program.
  • Learn about our leadership, our team, and our values in these pages.