Our Leadership

Board of Directors

VCE is managed by a Board of Directors with designated representatives from each of the communities it serves: 2 each from the Woodland, Davis and Winters City Councils, and 2 from the Yolo County Board of Supervisors. The VCE Board Members are appointed annually by their respective agencies and are not paid by VCE to serve on our board.

The Board meets monthly in open meetings, which the public is invited to attend. We want you to know what we’re planning, and we’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions. If you want to receive information about upcoming meetings and agendas, sign up to receive meeting notices and other important information. Click here for our meeting schedule.

Dan Carson, City of Davis,
2021 Chair
Wade Cowan, City of Winters
Lucas Frerichs, City of Davis

Jesse Loren, City of Winters, 2021 Vice Chair
Gary Sandy, Yolo County
Don Saylor, Yolo County
Tom Stallard, City of Woodland
Mayra Vega, City of Woodland

Board Member Alternates:

Community Advisors

A 12-member Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meets monthly, with the goal of providing thoughtful input to the Board and representing each of the member agencies and their various perspectives. We’d like to have you join us to contribute your ideas.

Positions on this Advisory Board are voluntary. At this time we’re inviting residents from each jurisdiction (Woodland, Davis, Winters, and unincorporated Yolo County) to submit their application for consideration of appointment on the Advisory Committee. Please visit the hyperlink if you’d like additional information or an application to join the Community Advisory Committee. The time period to be considered has been extended! Applications are due Friday, August 20, 2021 by 4 p.m. either via mail or e-mail to Alisa.Lembke@ValleyCleanEnergy.org. Your community representatives are:

Mark Aulman
City of Woodland
Marsha Baird
Yolo County
Gerry Braun
City of Davis
Yvonne Hunter
City of Davis
Lorenzo Kristov
City of Davis
Jennifer Rindahl
City of Winters
Cynthia Rodriguez
2021 Vice Chair
Yolo County
Christine Shewmaker
2021 Chair
City of Woodland
David Springer,
City of Winters

Current vacancies: One (1) seat each: Unincorporated Yolo County, City of Woodland, City of Winters