California Reaches a Major Energy Goal

VCE was honored to be part of an event headed by Governor Gavin Newsom to celebrate California’s achievement of a major energy goal: 10,000 megawatts of battery storage. This is a 1250% increase since 2019!

The celebration took place at the Putah Creek Energy Farm outside of Winters, from which VCE buys 100% of the electricity generated. The facility is a 3 MW single-axis tracking photovoltaic system with 3 MW (4 hour duration) of battery storage. Recently California reached a record of battery storage discharge exceeding 6,000 MW in a day. Batteries will continue to play a huge role in California’s grid stability as we make progress toward VCE’s goal of 100% clean electricity by 2030.

During the celebration event, the Governor was joined by key Administration energy officials and local legislators, as well as VCE Board Vice-chair, Bapu Vaitla, councilmember, Davis. Also attending on behalf of VCE were former Board Chair Jesse Loren, councilmember, Winters and Mitch Sears, VCE Executive Officer.

Not only did we celebrate California’s leadership in sustainability and renewable energy, it showcased a local energy project and acknowledged the ability of CCAs to contribute to California’s energy reliability and greenhouse gas reduction goals.