VCE Solar / NEM

Residential and solar PV users are often leaders in environmental awareness.

If you installed solar panels at your home or business after VCE’s June 2018 launch (and didn’t opt out), you were automatically enrolled in our Net Energy Metering program.

VCE’s NEM program works similarly to PG&E’s program, in that each month’s bill shows whether you produced more electricity than you used. If so, your production overage is “banked” until your annual true-up date. If you purchase energy during the month, your VCE generation charges will be billed monthly. Charges for energy delivery (the PG&E portion of your bill) will accrue and be paid to PG&E once per year.

When your account is trued up once each year, energy credits will be paid out to you at one cent per kWh above wholesale rates. That’s a better deal than the one PG&E is offering you.

If you’re a PG&E NEM customer, we’ll begin transitioning you to VCE’s NEM program in January 2020. Your timing to enter the program will coincide with your current true-up date, to ensure that any credits you might have earned are protected. Click here for more details.