Understand your Bill

With VCE, you still get a single bill from PG&E.

  1. Your bill shows charges from VCE—for buying your electricity.
  2. Your bill also shows charges from PG&E—for transmission, delivery, and customer programs.

PG&E credits your electricity generation on their page, and VCE charges you for our clean electricity generation on ours. One cancels out the other. There’s no double-billing, and no hassles.

Please visit Understand Your Bill to see a sample electricity bill for a VCE customer. The Account Summary on the first page adds a line with summary charges from each company. Then the Detail pages inside spell out charges from each one on separate pages.

Have you been re-billed by PG&E? It can seem confusing. We can help.

If you see extra pages in your PG&E bill, you may have been “re-billed”. Here’s a helpful explanation, PG&E rebill sheet.

It’s that simple.

But if you see something you don’t understand on your bill, contact us. We’ll be happy to help. You’ll find one extra page that details the VCE charges, so you can see that even with the required taxes and PG&E’s exit fees added to our charges, your cost nets out to be the same.