Standard Green

VCE offers two levels of electricity service. Our Standard Green is automatic for all customers.

VCE Standard Green service offers local control of your electricity supply, and replaces for-profit investors with not-for-profit customer-focused programs to benefit all our customers.

You can do even more to reduce your carbon footprint and support more renewable power by opting up to our premium level of service, called UltraGreen. Read more about UltraGreen here.

Special Rate Customers

All of PG&E’s discount programs continue to apply when you’re a VCE customer. If you’ve been enrolled in one of these programs, there’s no need to re-apply:

  • California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE)
  • Federal Electric Rate Assistance (FERA)
  • Medical Baseline Allowance (MBA)
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)