We all want healthy families. We also want energy that’s clean and reliable, but not complicated.

As your local electricity provider, VCE means cleaner electricity to power our homes, our hobbies and toys, and our lives. And the way we manage it is really quite simple:

Rates – our prices match PG&E’s, even when exit fees and other mandatory charges are added.

If you are a CARE, FERA or Medical Baseline customer, you will now receive an additional discount of 2.5% on electricity generation from VCE as a credit on your bill.

Billing – You still get a single bill from PG&E, with charges for both of us. PG&E passes VCE generation service charges on to us, retaining their own service charges for transmission and delivery, repairs and billing.

And remember: if you’ve been enrolled in any of PG&E’s special rate programs, you’ll continue to receive those benefits. There’s no need to re-apply.

Check out a VCE sample bill, with VCE’s charges clearly shown.

Residential Rates

Residential Rates with CARE/FERA discount (March 2022 Rates will be posted soon.)