VCE’s Voice in the California State Capitol

It is important for Valley Clean Energy’s voice to be heard at the State Capitol on issues impacting VCE’s service to our customers and affecting other CCAs in the state.

VCE closely monitors what is happening at the State Legislature and California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Through action by its Board of Directors, VCE periodically takes positions on bills working their way through the Legislature and on proposed regulations before the CPUC. These positions, along with VCE’s concerns and suggestions, are then transmitted through letters and direct contacts with legislators, the Governor’s Office, Capitol staff, and the CPUC. In addition, VCE meets periodically with our own Assembly Member and Senator to share our thoughts about issues of importance to us—and to those whose interests we represent.  

This page provides information about issues on which VCE has taken a position, including copies of letters sent by VCE.  You will also find a link to the Legislature’s website where you may read the various versions of the bill, committee analyses, and learn about the status of these bills.  For those new to the legislative process, we also include a short document explaining how to read a bill, as well as how to understand the Legislative process. 

VCE will update this page with new letters as they become available.

How to Read a Bill
Understanding the Legislative Process
California Legislative Information

VCE Letters

AB 843 (Aguiar-Curry) – VCE Support Letter 7/6/2021

SB 99 (Dodd) – VCE Support Letter 6/28/2021

SB 612 (Portantino) – VCE Support Letter 6/21/2021

SB 99 (Dodd) – VCE Support Letter 4/14/2021

SB 612 (Portantino) – VCE Support Letter 3/15/2021

AB 843 (Aguiar-Curry) – VCE Support Letter 3/12/2021

SB 1117 (Monning) – VCE Support Letter 7/23/2020

SB 862 (Dodd) – VCE Support Letter 6/17/2020

SB 1312 (McGuire) – VCE Support Letter 5/10/2020

AB 1567 (Aguiar-Curry) – VCE Support Letter 1/13/2020

SB 378 (Hueso) – VCE Support Letter 1/13/2020

SB 155 (Bradford) – VCE Floor Alert Oppose Letter 5/16/2019