Job Opportunities

Shared purpose and important work that’s making a difference—care to join the team?

The VCE team has effectively managed start-up activities to become a strong and vibrant energy provider since June 2018. We’ve successfully accomplished major milestones and are positioned for growth. If you’re like us and want to be part of our clean energy future, you might be interested in joining us. Check back from time to time as positions become available.

Valley Clean Energy is hiring a Director of Customer Care and Marketing.  This position works independently under the direction of the Valley Clean Energy (VCE) General Manager and has a wide range of responsibilities related to managing VCE customer programs and contacts, marketing VCE initiatives and programs, and conducting strategic community outreach and advocacy for the organization.  The position will remain open until filled.  If you have the experience and are interested in this position, please see the attached position description.

VCE Director of Customer Care & Marketing Open Position