Energy Choices

One of the greatest benefits of Community Choice energy programs is that for the first time ever, customers have a choice about their electricity service.

As a residential, commercial or agricultural customer, you’ve been automatically enrolled in Valley Clean Energy—because the California state legislature designed this type of program to ensure that people don’t have any trouble participating. You have the choice to stay with our Standard Green power level or to upgrade to our 100% renewable, 100% carbon-free UltraGreen power level for just a few dollars more per month! You’ll also have the choice to opt out of our program altogether and stay with PG&E…though we don’t know why you would want to.

As a VCE customer, virtually all the discount programs you may be on are still available to you—there’s no need to reapply for CARE, FERA or Medical Baseline. And if you have solar panels, our Net Energy Metering program will pay you more for extra generation than PG&E does.

We think the best choice of all is the one to reduce fossil fuel use, powering our lives with cleaner electricity.