Energy Choices

VCE camay valley farms 1Valley Clean Energy gives you the power to choose. In addition to providing an alternative to PG&E, we’re also offering two different energy product options, each with a different level of clean energy.

If your home or business is within our service area, you will be automatically enrolled in our standard option, LightGreen, which has cleaner energy than PG&E. For customers who want to do even more to help the environment, you can upgrade your power with our 100% renewable energy, UltraGreen.

In April 2018, new VCE customers received the first of four notices informing them of their options with Valley Clean Energy:

VCE Commercial Notice | VCE Residential Notice

You also have the choice to opt out and return to PG&E “bundled service”.

Learn more about these offerings to determine the best product for you.

VCE Light green logo

  • Competitive rates (2018 target rate is 2.5% below PG&E’s for generation costs)
  • Cleaner energy than PG&E (2018 target is 42% renewable)
  • All customers automatically enrolled beginning June 1, 2018
VCE Ultra green logo

  • 100% renewable energy
  • Customers can choose for slightly higher rate
  • Greatest reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

What Stays the Same and What Changes

 NewStays the Same
Call PG&E to start or stop service and report outagesX
Receive one bill each monthX
Low income (CARE) discounts and Medical BaselineX
Net Metering (for solar customers)+ new benefitsX
Choice of energy providersX
Competitive pricingX
Higher renewable contentX
Lower greenhouse gas emissionsX