Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP)

About the Program

Valley Clean Energy understands that sometimes life circumstances can make paying bills more difficult. We support our customers in any way we can, and we’re participating in a state-wide program to help our customers with paying their electric bill. The program is called the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP), and it’s designed to help you save money by capping monthly electric and gas charges at a set amount, plus taxes and fees. The four-year program begins in 2023 and is only available to a limited number of eligible low-income customers. VCE is working with PG&E to implement the program for eligible customers.

How it Works

  • Program participants pay a fixed amount each month for gas* and/or electric charges, plus taxes and fees.
  • Discounts do not need to be paid back.
  • There is no penalty for daily changes in your household’s energy usage.
  • If your bill amount is less than your Percentage of Income Payment Plan amount, you pay the lesser amount.

Your total gross annual household income determines your discount. If your income fits within the income guidelines (below), your monthly bill would be $29 for electric and $9 for gas*, plus taxes and fees. Proof of income is required.

*Please note: VCE does not provide gas, only electric generation services.

Income guidelines

Number of persons in householdTotal gross annual household income
For each additional person, add$4,720

Please visit to apply.