Our deepest thanks to VCE’s fine photographer, Yvonne Hunter.

VCE Community Advisory Committee member, Yvonne Hunter, is not just a dedicated clean energy advocate and local government and energy policy wonk—she’s also a skilled photographer whose beautiful images now grace most of VCE’s website pages. 

A long-time Davis resident, Yvonne began taking photos at the age of 6 when her father gave her a small box camera. Until her retirement in 2014, her full-time employment as a legislative representative with a statewide local government association served as a serious distraction from her photographic avocation. She now spends much of her time volunteering for worthwhile organizations that promise to make the world a better place, and practicing her photography skills. This includes donating her photographs to VCE for its use.

Inspired by evocative scenes and how light dances on subjects, Yvonne loves capturing images that reflect what she sees and feels. One day that might be a sunrise over a Yolo County sunflower field, or egrets and herons at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. Other, more far-flung inspiration has come in the form of elephants, giraffes, and the fascinating faces of children in Africa or amazing landscapes in Mongolia. Yvonne has recently been found “on assignment” in Yolo County for VCE, where she enjoys focusing on the people and places that comprise our unique communities.

Yvonne’s photos have appeared within and on the cover of Western City Magazine, the monthly magazine of the League of California Cities. In April 2019, the Davis City Council presented her with the 2019 Environmental Recognition Award in the Individual category for her longtime contributions to sustainability and environmental quality in Davis.

For more of Yvonne’s work, please visit www.yvonnehunterphotography.com