PG&E NEM / Solar

VCE Solar / NEM

VCE is pleased to announce that it will be welcoming PG&E NEM customers beginning January 2020.

If you had solar panels installed on your roof or property prior to VCE’s launch in June 2018, you have continued as a PG&E Net Energy Metered (NEM) customer. At its June 17, 2019 meeting, the VCE Board of Directors voted to begin transitioning existing PG&E NEM customers to VCE.

Beginning in January 2020, PG&E NEM customers will automatically be enrolled in VCE service during their true-up month.  Enrolling on your true-up date allows you to optimize the use of your energy credits at full retail value. VCE held two (2) informational Community NEM workshops and the presentations are available through the links below:

See the NEM October 2, 2019 – Davis workshop presentation here.

See the NEM October 14, 2019 – Woodland workshop presentation here.

If you’re a NEM customer, you will receive notices prior to enrolling with VCE, alerting you to the change. Two notices will be mailed to you during the two months prior to your enrollment. 

For more information on VCE’s NEM policy, please click here.

If you wish to remain with PG&E as a NEM customer, you may opt-out by calling 855-699-8232. After selecting the language (Spanish or English), press zero “0” to reach a Customer Service Representative.

If you’d like to enroll in VCE service prior to your annual true-up date, you may do so beginning in February 2020. However, it’s important that you know PG&E will true-up your account prior to your enrollment in VCE, which means that any credits you have will be paid by PG&E at the wholesale level (slightly less than VCE’s rate) and your true-up date will be reset to coincide with the start of your VCE service. You will be billed monthly from the transition date unless you request to be billed annually.

Before deciding to voluntarily opt-in to VCE service before your 2020 true-up month, be sure to review your PG&E bill to ensure you won’t lose credits.