Clean Power Coming in June – Valley Clean Energy to Launch Service this Summer

Yolo County, CA – Valley Clean Energy (VCE) is a new, locally governed not for profit electricity provider that will begin serving customers in Yolo County this June. VCE was formed in 2016 by Yolo County and the cities of Woodland and Davis to bring competition to the electricity marketplace. The VCE Board of Directors is made up of two members each from the Woodland City Council, Davis City Council, and Yolo County Board of Supervisors. One of the Board’s first actions in 2016 was to set VCE’s mission which is to deliver cost-competitive clean power, product choice, price stability, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas emission reductions. The program is set up under a State law that requires that a minimum of four customer notices be delivered to all customer accounts. The first of these customer notices about the program launch arrived in local mailboxes in April. Each customer account holder will receive three additional notices; one each in May, June, and July – the last being delivered approximately 60 days following customer enrollment.

Valley Clean Energy is poised to deliver on its mission with a 2.5% lower generation rate than PG&E while providing higher levels of renewable energy. In total, based on current PG&E rates, VCE will save its customers approximately $1.8 million dollars in the first full year of operation. This is possible because as a not for profit entity, VCE is designed to put its revenue back into the local economy to keep its rates competitive and invest in local projects that benefit the communities served by the program.

“Lower rates are not only good for our consumers but will ensure that our businesses, farmers and industries remain competitive,” said Tom Stallard, VCE Board Vice Chair and Woodland City Council member.

Local control of rate setting and power choices is also a significant benefit that VCE provides.

“As a locally based energy provider, VCE is accountable to the communities it serves, not shareholders,” said Lucas Frerichs, VCE Board Chair and Davis City Council member.

Customer choice is another key value that VCE provides. Customers may choose to opt-up to VCE’s UltraGreen service, which offers 100% renewable energy at a slightly higher rate. If you have a solar array and generate more energy than you use, VCE will even pay you one cent more per kilowatt hour than you are currently receiving from PG&E. Importantly, if customers do not think VCE is providing value, they have the choice to opt-out and return to PG&E at no cost if done within the first year. After that time, an opt-out processing fee of $5 for residential customers and $25 for business customers would apply.

VCE has also contracted with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) to provide program launch and operational services. VCE maintains autonomy and decision making power while SMUD’s extensive energy sector experience supports VCE’s power procurement, program operations, and VCE’s customer call center. This innovative contracting relationship with SMUD positions VCE for success as it launches and begins providing electricity to its 55,000 customer accounts.


Valley Clean Energy, or VCE, is a joint powers agency set to begin serving electricity to customers located in the cities of Woodland, Davis, and unincorporated Yolo County in June of 2018. VCE is committed to working with residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial customers to bring clean power and competitive rates to its service area.

For more information about VCE and how to opt-up or opt-out, please visit, contact the VCE Customer Call Center at 855-699-VCEA (8232), or email us at

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